Exclusively for Engineering Executives 

As a Director or VP of Engineering, we know you're feeling pretty isolated.  

You're probably unique at your company, and looking for others in your role to talk to.

Our private community is just for you.

Strictly Limited to Your Peers

We limit membership strictly to executives in an Engineering role. No Directors from other disciplines or developers can join.

Legally Protected Conversations

Every member signs our Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, so we can share stories, ask questions and offer advice in confidence.

Leadership coaching

Build an ongoing relationship with a peer who has personal knowledge of your role - and can hold you accountable to your goals.

Your Benefits as a Member

  • Dozens of private forums for in-depth discussions on questions you can't ask anywhere else
  • Jump onto private Slack channels to chat and share news
  • You'll belong to a group where you can comfortably relax and socialize with new friends and peers
  • Members have access to all community channels
  • Video conferencing each week for discussing hot topics, Q&A and meeting other members
  • Monthly one-on-one leadership coaching/mentoring sessions with your dedicated Engineering Executive

Named after the blog aimed at Engineering Directors started by James Shaw.

   I see examples every day where problems with software development projects or teams can be traced back to poor communication. Tell Them Everything means being open and honest with everyone - your team, your boss, your peers and your customers.  

Join us to help each other lead software teams to success.